No sooner Saturn enters Aquarius Kumbha – as per Traditional Hindu Astrology you fall under the impact of what is in common parlance know as the evil influence of Saade – Sathi. Thularam does not propose to discuss herein about the Saade Sathi. What happens during this transit in your Birth Chart in this: while entering Kumbha Rasi Saturn starts opposing Radical Jupiter from Kumbha to Guru in Leo – Sinha Rasi starts opposing Radical Mars and Mercury in Virgo – Kanni as well as conjoining radical Moon in Meena Rasi and on its onward further journey in Aries Mesha Rasi the Saturn starts opposing Sun, Venus and Saturn placed in Libra Tula Rasi.

This phenomenon is occurring not for the first time in your birth chart, it is the second Sadde – Sathi. Formerly the planet Saturn was in Kumbha Rasi from 27/01/1964 to 8/8/1966 and 8/11/1966 to 19/12/1966, in Meena Rasi from 8/4/1966 to 3/11/1966 and 19/12/1966 to 17/6/1968 and 28/9/1968 to 7/3/1968 to 7/3/1969 and hereafter in Mesha Rasi from 17/6/1968 to 28/4/1971 and from 7/3/1969 to 28/4/1971. The second visit to Kumbha Rasi has been from 5/3/1993 to 22/10/1993, 4/11/1993 to 31/5/1995 and 12/8/1995 to 16/2/1996 and in Meena Rasi from 31/5/1995 to 12/8/1995 and 16/2/1996 to 17/4/1998 and in Mesha Rasi Saturn will remain from 17/4/1998 to 6/6/2000.