Saturn transiting opposition of radical Sun brings one of the most difficult period of one’s life and also if one will understand it one of the most fruitful in personal development. It represents a period in which the world around us seems harsh, difficult and antagonistic. One becomes temperamental, not easy to get along with although one probably thinks himself abused. A material set back does closely precede or follow or accompany this period. Vitality becomes low and one’s urge to impress his personality, his will, his ideas, his feelings on those around hem leads to strife, quarrels and separations. If one does not have open break of some kind, he withdraws into himself and separates from others in spirit.

There may be some ill health, real or imagined, probably more mental and psychic than actual and physical. One passes through a period when the ego-expressive urge is hampered both by circumstances and by his own personality. One rebels against this and it is one’s rebellion rather than externals that makes first time with certain worldly realities, certain practical problems of human nature and relations, certain gaps in his own personality and one starts fighting against recognizing what one sees. The result is a deepening of one’s character and a broadening of one’s personality but while the period is going on oneself probably feeling sorry for the same, very much misunderstood and pushed around. It will take some time for some one to see that all pushing around is being done by he himself and that he can stop when one likes to do so by accepting what is and by learning to conform to the circumstances of the world as they are and or people as one finds them. One will learn, before he is through, that the only thing one can be sure of controlling always in himself and that things outside him are less important than the interpretation one puts on them.