Those less introspective will have a more difficult time for they will be less ready to fix the blame where it belongs, within themselves. In these people the period can last beyond the time actually consumed by the transit itself and may indeed linger for many years. These are the people who are constantly at war with their world – if not in open strife with those around them, then resentfully within themselves, so that “life loses it zest” and becomes not a vigorous adventure, but a tedious struggle towards a badly defined goal.

One should seed from this transit acquisition of self knowledge and self understanding, learn that when one becomes the kind of person when he understands and can live with happily, the entire becomes easy to live with and one becomes a useful progressive citizen of it.

Saturn transiting its own opposition occurring between the ages 43 – 44 years to 47 – 48 years, this aspect marks generally a turning point in the career, following which the aim should be Security rather than further aggressive progress. According to the choice made when one was 15 – 16 to 18 – 19 years of age this second transit of Saturn opposite its own place will find one in a satisfactory or unsatisfactory position, mental and material both or either. Regardless of this, one must recede hereafter from aggressive action in the world, must fix his aims at personal, rather than material progress. Business changes frequently are made at this time and work well if risks are avoided and iron clad methods or contacts substituted for hit and miss methods.