Falling in the well known “prime of life” it some times urges further expansion of the ego but for the best result one should be willing to start taking a more moderate and secure course than one has hitherto followed. And to be sure to do this, examine any charge now primarily in the light of the effect that it will have on one’s security and one’s personal contentment in years to come.

Saturn transiting opposition of Venus – Emotional stress is always likely to be greater, the revision of ideas deeper and more completely experienced. It can mean a broken attachment and sometimes thought of as “fated”. Financial matters under stress contribute to emotional upheaval often leads to disenchantment to the brink or precipice of divorce if not actually into it. In material matters generally calls for skimping to make both ends meet or can accompany loss of money or security or IH – LOK – SUKHAM.

Saturn transiting opposition of Mars – Individualism and energy run into obstacles, events conspire to increase responsibility, which one will take, at first take, as a personal affront and rebel against it. This does not do any good to any one unless one it utterly conscienceless and willing to throw responsibility to winds. A revision of attitudes is required. One has to bring his personal urges into line with the realities and can do it in variety or ways. Any of these will be all right, so long as it does not create a rebellious spirit in oneself. Temperament must be forced into the pattern of life, and the more one has to force it the more he can be sure that it needed to be forced. Avoid strife and excess effort otherwise one feels blocked and frustrated if he does not.