“Ride loose in the saddle of fate” for this is no time to fight destiny by trying to alter the normal course of events. Will power won’t work effectively. Need for complete rest, health, nerves, human relations and withdrawal follows any serious effort to break down the resistance of things as they are.

Saturn in opposition to radical mercury – Deepens mental processes, provides concentrative posers for deep study and thought, usually accompanied by some mild or acute melancholy and depression which work and self – discipline gets minimized. Loss of self esteem likely, the thought that one is no good becomes acute. Keeping one’s mind on things outside one side help – Study, Reading, Writing is excellent – though creativeness and originality fails one. “Don’t worry” mist be one’s motto and also “face the facts”. Escapism leads into bad nervous tangles. It is good aspect to have while in school or college, when opportunity for study is the greatest and the “cold, cold world” is not yet a reality that one has to consider. Coming later in life when one is out in the “cold, cold world” it indicates a period when one can return to the student state to good advantage, putting one’s mind on objective facts rather than on emotional concerns. Finances under tension need for budgets, restraint and efficiency. Creative effort can be made to go well provided impulses are not allowed free play and if one is thoroughly disciplined and depends less in inspiration than on perspiration. Also on excellent period for study and hard mental work especially in business routine, change to get things in line through self discipline and budgeting, through steady routine effort and the promotion of efficiency.