Saturn conjunction Radical Moon – in this period one is highly sensitive to circumstances and plenty goes on to make one sensitive. One’s concept of himself is assailed by events and other people and one is forced to see himself, not as one fondly imagines himself to be, but as one appears when stripped of his defenses and he stands aimed ruche and turmoil of things. The result is at first elating then depressing, as one’s private notions inner of himself are one by one get torn away. It is not a king of easy period. Perhaps one things of himself as misunderstood. In a sense one is misunderstood, or to put in another way, one finds suddenly that he is unable to project himself as he wants to or has been projecting hitherto. A wide gulf exists between intention and performance – between what one believes what he is doing and what he is actually accomplishing. The result is frustration and bafflement yet through it all one learn deeply that to appear as one wishes to one mist take into account more than his own ideas of himself. One must take into account the ways of this world, which may not be his own ways, but which he must interpret so that through their channels the self one likes best may truly express itself for all to see. One struggles here for the seal of external approval on the personality one things most truly his own and in the disappointment and frustration one learns how to accomplish this, if not in the present, at least more satisfyingly in the future. This period is also frequently accompanied or followed by some physical or nervous trouble, probably resulting from psychic factors as the physical body reflects the dissatisfaction of the mind and the spirit. Be suspicious of your ailments, there is a good chance that they are methods of getting sympathy which one falls back on when all other efforts fail to get it. This is necessarily not true for genuine illness can come at this time and often does. Seek medical advice if you feel the need but be ready to take the Doctor’s word for it, if he tells there is nothing the matter that one cant cure by himself.