Uranus at birth was at 9 degrees of Cancer - Kataka. This slow moving planet is also moving in opposition to its radical place. Saturn opposition Saturn as well as Uranus opposition Uranus take place at around the same years of age. Its exact opposition is although over but its effect is more pronounced than of Saturn. Their action at he outset become indistinguishable from one another except that Saturn has more to do with the material plans. Uranus opposition to Uranus brings one’s originally to full fruition and promises satisfaction and success from the development or inner and personal talents, which may or may not have a material aspect. In making the necessary adjustments or readjustment mentioned about Saturn opposition Saturn, here in the need to head the important more or individualism mounting within oneself. Interpret it not in business terms but in private and personal achievement in societal sphere. Studies, writing work, creative works or social services of some sort and seek to plan the life hereon so as to leave time and energy for the many things one has always wanted to do but never quite got around to. This is bound to be a period of important changes and one must approach it in full command of himself, ready and able to follow the dictates of his intelligence, rather than of his emotions, which will be unreliable.

These days Uranus and Neptune both are passing through the sign Capricorn – Makara which is lower meridian to Sun, Saturn and Venus. The Makara Rasi rules the wealth or money in the birth chart. The transit of Uranus in lower square to Sun sets up unsettled domestic conditions and rebellious or angry reactions to conditions in one’s personal life.