It also undermines the sense of security if temperamental ness is allowed to play the role of motivating force of life and things around oneself. Should one behave temperately then creative works and ambitions become easy of attainment and things get favorably done. One can enliven his own environment and draw inspiration from it. Frequently it brings removal, basic charges, far reaching alterations, illustrious acquaintances, in the life’s path. In harmony with those around oneself one will flare our suddenly, unexpectedly with far reaching and satisfying results. Requires careful analysis of oneself, of others, of one’s entire life program and demands a flexible and selfless attitude towards family, society and the world. This attitude if adopted leads to speedier progress in all walks of life sphere.

Uranus square Venus – the individual seeks salvation through love or what passes for love or free love. Danger or breaks, quarrels, sensationalism, heartache and headache, rebellion against conventions, loss of prestige and money do occur through bad associations or associates. A devil may care attitude is to be avoided unless one has the stomach for adventure and the “one moment’s rapture” can be very exciting before one wakes up in the cold gray dawn of the morning after.