Jupiter opposition Jupiter marks a turning point from the time when it was transiting its own radical place in one’s career. Things begun here take a new twist and plans are revised accordingly resulting in a minor peak or accomplishment in which one finally receives the encouragement to continue the line one has been following. Changes in the pace and direction should be adopted only after sober thought for what happens here is of far reaching consequence and significance than one is likely to realize at the moment. This influence of itself seems to be innocent enough but really marks a period that one will look back on after as having been indeed indicated as the course of life for a long time to come particularly till the next transit of Jupiter to its radical place and in the sign Taurus – Rishabha. The knocks of opportunity are at the doors but one has to concentrate on entering the guest, recognize and seize, for the benefits that come without effort go just as effortlessly if one does not hold into them.

Good Luck, Peace, pleasure and Prosperity be to all of us. Lord Ganesh will certainly bless you to be fortunate and successful in all that you think, say and do. The Divine grace is in your favour now and all your difficulties, hindrances and obstacles will stand dissolved and will enjoy great joy in living a rich fulfilling life, with prosperity in the air for you to inhale and with love and peace in mind and body.