One day Surya had to go to the town. He carefully locked up his farmhouse and leaving Dunni in charge left.

The same evening, after dark, two thieves Gangu and Gopu entered the farm house. Dunni started barking and slowly moved towards them.

Now Dunni was a large, black dog who looked quite ferocious. However, at heart he was a real coward. Gopu had a country made pistol. He lifted it and fired. The bullet touched Dunni’s tail and whizzed off. Dunni jumped three feet in the air and putting his hot tail between his cold legs went scurrying away in the opposite direction. Close on his heels was Billi, who seemed even more terrified.

Gopu ran to the front door and broke open the lock. The two thieves entered the house and started picking up things.

In the meanwhile Bamchik, Pilli and Lippo watched the whole scene from the barn.

“We have to do something,” Bamchik said.

“But what can we do? The scoundrels have a gun,” Pilli squealed.

Bamchik thought for sometime and then said, “I have an idea. Let me see if it works.”

“Please be careful Bamchik,” Pilli and Lippo whispered.

Half an hour later when the two thieves emerged from the house carrying their loot, they found Bamchik standing outside staring into space.

“Hey Gopu, what luck!”