“Yes, Gqngu. We’ll load our stuff on this donkey and take him along with us,” Gopu replied.

“You wait outside with the gun. I’ll get some rope from inside,” Gangu declared

Gopu hoisted the two sacks on Bamchik and stood beside him looking here and there. This was the moment Bamchik had been waiting for. He shook his back slowly and both the sacks came tumbling down.

Cursing Gopu bend down to pick up the stuff. At that moment Bamchik turned and planted a solid kick on Gopu’s backside. Poor Gopu fell on his stomach with a howl, the gun falling from his hand. Bamchik lunged forward and kicked the gun. It fell straight into the well nearby.

Hearing strange sounds Gangu came out to investigate. As he steeped out of the door Pilli, who was waiting on the roof landed on his head her claws scratching Gangu’s fat and ugly face. At the same instant Lippo latched on to Gangu’s leg and dug his teeth in. Gangu screamed in pain. Not to be left behind Bamchik jumped as high as he could and kicked Gangu in the stomach. He then turned around and landed one more hefty kick on Gopu who was just struggling to his feet.

For the next few minutes the three friends had the time of their lives kicking, biting and scratching the two thieves.

Finally Gopu and Gangu had enough. They got up and just took off leaving the valuables and even their slippers behind.

Just as they reached the main gate they heard a shout.

“Stop and put your hands up, you rogues.”