Surya had just entered the farmhouse and was holding a gun in his hand.

Gopu and Gangu meekly stood with their hands high in the air. Surya led them straight to the barn and locked them inside. As he was leaving he heard a croak.

“Hey farmer, how many animals do you keep here? And do you give them special training?”


“With one bullet we sent the big dog and cat packing. But after that it was hell. Three donkeys, two cats and two dogs kicked, scratched and bit us almost to pieces. Even though we were armed we could not do anything. The three donkeys in particular were the most dangerous. I have never seen such ferocious animals.”

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” roared Surya. “I can’t believe this. Two armed thieves overpowered by a donkey, a tiny kitten and little pup!”


“Yes,” Surya said and went back laughing to where Bamchik and his friends were waiting.

“I am proud of you Lippo, Pilli and most of all you, my dear Bamchik. Every one thinks you are a fool but today you have displayed not only intelligence but also courage and presence of mind. From now on you will be the leader of the farm animals. And everyone will call you Captain Bamchik.”

Lippo and Pilli squealed with delight and leapt on to Bamchik, oops, Captain Bamchik’s back.