"And you are telling me now?" -----------I asked him.

"Because I was under pressure... he would have committed suicide...."

"So he sold OBC and Rolta....?" --------------I asked

"No - no he sold only OBC and Rolta I recovered now...."

To my stock he handed over me 10 certificate with original transferred deeds duly filled with company's seal but my signatures were not there.

"You told me yesterday and 3 years back that you have sent these Rolta shares for transfer. Then how come my signatures are not there?"

Then I noticed rubbing on 3-4 shares transfer deeds.

"Now I am upset, Anil you have betrayed my trust and never informed me about this. You should have handed him over to the police."

"Its my mistake.......! Please forgive me."
------------He cried, cried and cried.

"Tell me is there anything else left...?

"No, nothing more... for gods sake please believe me....!" ---------He again said.

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