I knew that he was hiding about Flex. That shows he had certain more things to his mind, "Anil, when Rolta were 1000 we could have collected eleven lacs in 2000. I used to borrow money from people. Now please sit alone for sometime and think again and let me explain everything so that we could forgo all this and start a fresh...!"

He left my cabin. I was extremely upset as I knew for sure that he is hiding a lot from me including Flex. But somehow, I was felling pity on him - pity because I never treated him as my employee and had love and affection for him. I was in tears. My faith, my love, my trust have no meaning. I lost my right hand. I lost a friend ------- for the sake of small money. Oh God!

I wrote him a piece of advice "Silence in the best medicine and great healer. Hold on your thought for few days, talk only about the work and nothing else. Things will be OK and I will talk to you thereafter. Till then try to be normal."

I sent it through Kewal to him. He was sitting in his cabin. He came back to me. Tried to say something else. But I was not normal. I told him, "Anil I am not normal very, very upset. I will talk to you tomorrow. Let me clear my thoughts and clean my mind then only I could be able to talk to you normally."

Some people came in and he took permission to go home. I allowed him.

You will not believe that whatever he told me was wrong. The story was different.

Next day he came and started crying again.

"I could not sleep for three days. I am not having food regularity. I lied before you. Please pardon me. Otherwise I will commit suicide."

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