I got upset again. "Anil why don't you tell me everything in one go...."

"Bhaiya, I lost courage, I am upset, I will do something to me. But it is my family responsibility that is stopping me to take this drastic step."

"Please tell me whatever is left...."

"Infact no one has stolen the shares. I lied. I sold OBC and kept Rolta with me....."

"But why?"

"I was in need of money. I could not ask you for money as you were tight."

"But I kept on paying. I paid you a lot you have all the account just show that where I lapsed...?"

"Please.. please Bhaiya... I am terribly upset. Donot ask me in detail."

"But please tell me about other shares if any..."

"There is nothing more...."

Anil knows me very well. He knew one thing for sure that anyone can win me with tears and emotions and I will just cry. Shout in anger and forget everything. Pardon everybody. Like I did with Rajinder Bhalla & few others.

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