"And what about Flex...?" I asked.

All of a sudden Anil's replied in rude voice. "That I got transferred.... And sold in company's account."

"Oh my God! Anil behave properly. Shall I show you something?" And I have shown him the forged D-mat form.

I was shocked. I could not believe my eyes. Anil took out 20 share certificate which were hidden under his shirt.

"My God!" ------Deepak please believe me I could not imagine that it is MY ANIL, I could not believe it.

And he handed over me, not only the shares but a one page letter. He wanted to go, I asked him to sit normally. He kept on crying. I told him to go to his cabin sit there. But he told that now he cannot face anybody. If I did anything he will commit suicide. I was stunned.
Totally Blank.

It was raining outside, we went for a drive. He told me lots of stories to make me more emotional. But my mind was sleeping.

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