So is today.

I got so much to say that I can write a book on it.

Deepak, even a single

Word from someone can make you a happy person and your's each and every word makes me proud that atleast I know someone who can understand me from his heart.

Anil has not revealed me anything more----------------- but I came to know a lot -------------- I called him but he refused to come. I asked him few other things which he agreed of doing. God knows! What made him to do all this.

In this process, I lost myself a treasure ------- a treasure which I built. I lost a friend, a brother, at times a guide -------- but please ask him what was my fault...

More on hearing from you. I am writing this for the last 3 hours. Please tell Amita to not to get upset I revealed this to you because I am hurt and I want to change him.

.......................To be Continued