It started with 2000 shares of OBC which were not traceable in records. I used to ask him about these shares and always his reply was that 'do not worry we already have them dematerialised.' But no bank statement was reflecting the same. I was under lots of pressure since 24th August 2003, when I left for ancouver due to his short sightedness. Because of his slackness I suffered huge losses from one of my financier but never blamed him. However he left me first time in the second week of September 03, When I returned from Vancouver.

I sent messages, called him as I felt that he is emotional person like me, taking all the blames on him and is distrusted. After a weeks absence he come back. Promised to cooperate with me with full strength. But I saw a changed person in him, but I was not able to see the real reason behind as changed Anil.

We started selling certain shares as market was rising and I wanted to offload all shares in my stock and instructed him accordingly. As of my habit and trust I had in him I never checked anything but believed whatever he used to dictate me. Only one thing was there in my mind and that was 2000 shares of OBC. From September 2003 to February 2004, I used to tell him that we would sell OBC the moment it will touch 250. and when it touched 250 I told him again to check the bank about our balance of 2000 shares of OBC and sell them. Is return he again won over my faith saying "no bhaiya, I will not allow to sell you all these shares as these are the scripts which are turning to be a gold mine and we will sell them upon extreme requirements of Ashmeet's education expenses."

I took his advise as a best advise and agreed accordingly. Then came last week of February 2004 when I got the Bank statement from Global Trust bank where again OBC shares were not reflected. There were others shares also, which were not reflected but I did not have any knowledge of them at that time, as it was exclusively his department.

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