I called him and told him to give his reply by the evening. Nothing happened on 2nd of March 2004 I again reminded him with little annoyance, to which he shouted back (!) first time and told me, "why you are saying to me so loudly. I have my respect before the staff and now onwards I do not want to work with you....

" He left the office thereafter and I sent Rajiv behind him to call him back but everyone failed.

I sent him a SMS and told him to have patience. "We all are under pressure about the finances." His reply came saying " during all these years I respected you a lot but I have my own self respect and I cannot allow anyone to insult me. "This happened on 2nd March 2004.

There is no word called insult in my dictionary as I treated him differently and I had regrets in my mind about my shouting on him and again I sent him a SMS explaining him my positions and requested him to come back to office. But he refused. I told some other people who were close to both of us but he was adamant.

Within 3-4 days I got the news that Aunty is hospitalised then I told Amita to call him and talk to him. She tried but he never came on line. But to the surprises of Amita - Shashi also talked about the self Respect and shown her helplessness. We all were upset thereafter.

Next day I got SMS from Anil. He tanked me for calling to know about aunty's health and promised to come to office as soon as she comes back from the hospital.

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