He joined back on 20th March or so I gave him a good piece of lecture and he also felt sorry. Even I told him that if he wants to do some other job he should tell me frankly. We should maintain cordial relationships and no outsider should say anything to us, which he also agreed but never shown his intention to do something else.

Next week thereafter, I saw OBC shares touching 300 + figure. I told him to sell and he did it promptly.

That was the turning point of our relationship.

I got bank statement and saw a unique entry there. For the First time I saw OBC entry there. The bank has shown opening balance as NIL, 2nd entry was for the purchase of OBC shares on 8th of March 2004 for 2000 @ 311/- and thereafter sale of OBC shares in the last week of March 2004.

I called him and have shown him the statement. I had no doubt in my mind and was under the impression of one thing that the Bank might have committed some mistake earlier and they rectified the same now. I told him about my doubt to which he said "leave it sir, we got back the shares and sold them."

"No, no..... but anyone can claim back....." I told him. "You leave it to me, sir, donít worry. I will do the needful." He replied and took the statement from me.

I was extremely busy due to one agreement, which I had to execute in next week. I told him to check with the Bank and get the corrected statement for out record.

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