I called him and again briefed him about my feeling. He in return only nodded and took my permission to leave the office as he was having pain in his knee.

Later on in the evening, I called Rajiv and told him to go to Global Trust Bank next morning and get a statement of all the shares and all Transactions. I started feeling helpless due to Anil's style of functioning. Whatever I use to tell him, if it doesn't suit him, he used to show his unwillingness to work. For the First time I told this to Rajiv and I broke down emotionally.

Next days he was there in the office at 9.45 a.m. sharp. It never happened in the last 12 years. He was a latecomer and I never ever complained about this to him. Infact on that day he came to say good bye to me, but this was not acceptable to the God. He wanted him to REVEAL certain things to me.

The moments I entered my cabin, he followed me to which I told him. "Anil, we will talk later, as I have to sign agreement today. Wait for one hour. I will call you thereafter."

He went back. But he had something else in his mind and come back after twenty minutes. I was upset but kept control over my emotions.

"Anil, I told you wait....." I told him again
"Bhaiya, I want to discuss something about me...."

"I know Anil, but I told you that I have to complete this. Just wait we will discuss everything." I told him politely.

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