He turned back, suddenly a thought came in my mind. I said ""Anil, tell me one thing you are very firm about OBC shares. Donot get upset as I am repeating the same story. But tell me, if these shares were in our custody then what happened to the dividend of these for the last four years. Have you ever cheeked this?"

To which he again got upset and said, "let me go to the bank. I will settle everything today. If I find any mistake I will file FIR against the bank......"

I smiled back and said, "Donot get upset.... let Rajiv comes back as I sent him to get the information from the bank. Whenever I ask you, you get upset. Yesterday evening I gave the file to Rajiv and told him to get the detailed information from the Bank.

He was shocked.

He got upset, I could see from his face. As no one except Anil ever visited Global Trust Bank. Without ever uttering a word he left my cabin.

He came back again after five minuets. I saw him. I told him again, "Anil, I told you, please wait. Let Rajiv come back.

He was in TEARS. He was shaking, I could see a different Anil there, with folded hands he told me, "Bhaiya, I want to CONFESS something!"

"Confess! What!!" I looked at him. I was shocked to see him in tears. I could not believe. But as I was seeing Anil as a changed man, I saw a great change in me too. I became very calm.

"Tell me."

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