He told me, "Please forgive me, I lied before you. I could not get these shares transferred.."

"So what? You could have told me earlier..!"

"You were in need of money and I just felt that due to my fault you should not suffer."

"But what you did, please tell me....."

"Infact I could not get OBC and Rolta (1100) shares transferred and now only I sent them for transfer." He told me.

"But how could you sell OBC then. You should have told me clearly. I remember you told me the same thing in 2000 or 2001 about Rolta - it touched 1000 or so and I told you to sell. At that point of time you told me that you have sent them for transfer and shown you inability to sell them. Now same thing you are telling me about OBC. But Rolta is a old story..."

"No - no they come back with some objection and I sent back. Now I will get them any day...."

"But how come we sold them... That means you purchased them and then you sold them. But where from you got the Money for all this?

He kept on crying and told me with folded hands "Please do not ask me all the details but I swear to god.... No bad intention was there is my mind. I paid to the Broker directly from my account and got the shares transferred to your account and sold them..."

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