But where from you got the money in your account?"

"It was Deepak's money which I transferred....."

"That means you have taken him into confidence..... Have you told him about this?"

"No - No.... the moment I will get shares I will sell them and pay back his money."

"But you did all this in company's account without any authority and took my signatures in good faith." I told him, "Bhaiya, please forgive me and do not reveal this to anybody."

I felt a great change in me, instead of anger I witnessed calmness in me.

"Let me be normal Anil, we will talk after sometime." I told him to leave the cabin.

After some moments he told me, "I want to go home, I am upset. I am unable to sit, feeling pain also. Please allow me, I will come tomorrow."

"But let Rajiv come....."

"I request you Bhaiya, I am feeling sick..... I will come tomorrow." And he left.

Rajiv come back, gave me the same information but added few more things to my knowledge. We had 2000 Flex Industries Share. Those are also missing. Above all he has shown me the demat form where he pasted the receipt of the Bank from some other form for Flex.

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