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My son. who is 12 years old, just doesn't like to eat food, a problem present from his childhood. He takes about 1-2 hours to finish his meal, and does not eat vegetable, dal, curds, etc. He eats chapatis with salt. He wastes a lot of time in eating and it affects his studies. He is extremely slow in other activities as well and seems lost in something. He is also very irritable and impulsive. I have to keep on telling him and scolding him to pay attention to what he is doing, but it doesn't affect him. Guidance. -
01:27:54 11/16/99

I am a 20-yr old graduate girl. I get angry without any reason and then start crying. I hurt people knowingly and later regret it. My parents want to marry me off but I don't want to. I have done badly inmy exams also and my brother teases me about all this. I feel inferior to everyone and want to die but I am afraid to. Help. -
ABC 01:24:43 11/16/99

I am a retired person aged 74. I get upset easily. Though I am sensitive by nature, this tendency has lately increased. Further I keep on brooding over past mistakes which affects my sleep at times. I have also developed forgetfulness, particularly in regard to names of persons. I am also a patient of claustrophobia since my college days. I cannot remain in closed spaces, say a room bolted from outside, lift, crowded bus with no easy possibility of exit etc. for fear of death. Kindly advise. -
BPG 04:02:25 11/13/99


          BINA BANSAL
          .......Living at Present IN SUDBURY ONTARIO, CANADA

“A Letter from a Well-Wishes”  

Your Father is not Well  
He lost all his memories
But you,
- He does nothing but calls you
He is speechless
He is motionless.
- You know
He is Eighty Six
But acts like
Not older than Six !
He calls you
He wants you.  
Whole family is here,
But you are absent
for long sixteen years 
Lord Rama was in exile
For FOURTEEN years.
Yours is passed Sixteen years
Rama could not see his father,  
It was a curse for King Dashrath,
No one here exiled you
-     Then why HE is suffering
When you left  
-      You left as a bride
-      Like an obdient daughter
Now you are grown old  
You have a son
And beautiful daughters ……..
He has now empty mind,
Playing like a child,
But at times
Searches for his daughter
-      A beautiful doll
-      A beautiful daughter
He may not recognise you,
He may not at all treat you
But needs you
He wants to meet you
Just show him your face
He may have a
Peaceful journey to thee!

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