This gave me a great shock, whole day I was upset. But few greater shocks were there to come. This was nothing.

Next day again Anil was at his seat at about 9.45 a.m. The Moment I reached, he came behind me. I looked at him.

"Anil, I am upset, let me gather some information and thereafter we will talk."

"I have to say something more..." Again I saw a different Anil, with folded hands, tears in his eyes. I felt upset & told him to sit.

"Yes, tell me....!"

"I lied before you yesterday! ! !"

"Kya ?" ----it was a great shock,

"I could not sleep whole, night...."

Not only Anil, I was seeing a changed Ashwani, total peaceful, calm no fits of anger.

"Bhaiya, infact all those shares (OBC & Rolta) were stolen by Sanjay (Mahindra) and he sold them in the market after forging your signatures."

"How could he do that? Why you have not reported it to me when it happened?"

"When we have shifted our office to F-12/A,.. in 2001."

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