Thereafter things were normal and I gave him few document to prepare a agreement. He gave me the same in two days time and to my stock he committed at least one dozen mistakes in it. I was annoyed and called him and told him about the mistake. That was around 25th of April 2004. he wanted correct the mistake but I told him that I would like to finalize this agreement in my own way.

There was some thing else stored. He felt again upset but did not utter a word. I forget to tell you that during last 15 days (from 1st week of April onwards) he used to come to office for short period as he had some knee problem. He left office that day.

On 27th April or so I got another statement from bank showing the same entry of OBC shares. Anil was not there. I called for the file and to my surprise the last statement which I handed over to him was not there. I was shocked. He reached office little later. I called him and shown him the statement and told him finally that I want all the records of shares in order and also told him to give notice to the bank about the lapse.

He went out of my cabin and after 5-10 minutes Rajiv came in and told me that 'Sir' please do not loose your patience. He is upset and again saying that now I will not come to office. And abut OBC sir, he has called up the bank and is shouting on the officer. He warned them of legal notice and please sir, call him to your cabin and make him to understand that you have no bad feeling for him.

"OK OK...but you people should understand my problem. I donot want to disturb anyone but I want every record in order."

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